Corporate Social Responsibility

We would have no company without our community. That is at the heart of everything we do; supporting our community, promoting our community, working hard with our community.

Our Core Engagement Programmes


Seric founded the SmartSTEMs charity, SmartSTEMs exists to enhance the diversity of those in STEM careers and directly address the talent pipeline issues in Scotland, and further afield.

5 & 5 Policy

We make donations to both national & local charities giving 5% of our profits and on average each team member spends 5 days every year working with a charity or more of their choice.

Spotlight on Technology

Annually, Seric host Spotlight on Technology. This event explores current and future trends impacting our client base. This event helps our business community understand some of the latest technologies on the market and speak to others that have similar challenges.

Spotlight on Technology

Sharing our success with our sector

Annually, Seric run an engaging and fun look at the main trends impacting our client base, and future trends that are likely to have an impact. This informal event is open to all and looks to help organisations understand some of the latest technologies on the market and speak to others that have similar challenges.

Spotlight on Technology is primarily an exhibition, but in a friendly, relaxed, and open environment to promote networking and the sharing of experiences. Working in the IT industry can often be overwhelming. The speed of change and the responsibility that IT professionals creates a tremendous pressure. Events such as Spotlight on Technology help our contemporaries research, explore trends and network within a comfortable relaxed atmosphere.

Spotlight on Technology 2018

We are currently developing the programme for Spotlight on Technology 2018. We are interested in hearing from you. If you have a particular topic you would like to Seric to explore we would be delighted to consider it.Leave us your details and a short message outlining your challenges and view on industry trends.

    Event Partners

    5 & 5 Policy

    Five Per Cent of Profits & Five Days Fully Funded

    Seric received a tremendous degree of support at the earliest stage of business. The generosity and consideration given to our founder, Stuart Macdonald, left a lasting impression and has formed and informed many of both his and the business’ priorities. Chief amongst this is the idea that with success comes a responsibility to give back to the communities that support us and in which we exist. The 5&5 Policy is a manifestation of this principle.

    Seric commits to donating 5% of end of year profits to local and national causes as determined by the entire Seric family. This is a small but important recognition of the financial support that Seric received in the startup phase from Youth Business Scotland (formerly The Princes Scottish Youth Business Trust).

    In addition, employees are encouraged to use 5 days a year, fully funded to support both the company’s community aims and their own personal community support, regardless of the role undertaken. This vital contribution recognises that the community support and mentorship that Seric benefited from in both startup and growth phases.

    Inspiring Young People into STEM

    SmartSTEMs is the glue between Tertiary Education, Industry and Schools. We exist to provide equity of opportunity to young people into STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) with particular focus on the gender gap.

    Our model is scalable and replicable and delivered through our intertwined initiatives of hub events and outreach:

    • Hub Events are held in tertiary education establishments, by territory, where we convene industry and schools to apply the SmartSTEMs glue and get the good people of Scotland connected and collaborating to best effect.
    • Outreach is delivered in Schools & Clubs

    affording STEM activities locally & ongoing.

    Throughout 2018, SmartSTEMs is set to roll out the biggest expansion in it’s short history. Bigger events and more events, our network will reach a record number of young people with a wider network of business leaders, innovators and leading thinkers in the STEM environment.

    With a lot of hard work and support SmartSTEMs has really grown and developed as a charity and we are heading into our 3rd year. We are so grateful to have people like yourselves to join us on this journey and would like to welcome you as we grow.