Seric strive to work together with clients, understanding not only the pressures that exist today, but the challenges that we previously overcome to help future proof solutions going forward.

Seric maintain a portfolio of solutions and skills to ensure that all engagements are evaluated on both technical merits and business outcomes, resulting in preferred technical solutions. We then work with our clients and the chosen vendors to ensure the overall solution is architected and implemented within budget and meeting the desired outcomes of the organisation.

Seric, our partners, and our vendors work seamlessly to ensure all solutions and engagements are professional, measured, and executed to the highest standard, delivered using our Seric Implementation Methodology (SIM) which is aligned to Prince2 best practice.


Cyber Security is one of the biggest challenges that organisations today face. Seric believe in a risk-based approach for organisations to effectively manage their cyber risk, and the mitigating controls. Below are areas in which Seric excel, helping clients of all sizes, industries, and maturity.



Seric has a long-proven track record in delivering quality infrastructure solutions to clients, from small local solutions, to worldwide 24×7 platforms. As infrastructure solutions develop so do the skills required to implement and manage these effectively. Seric maintain many industry leading infrastructure solutions to ensure the best fit for each client.


Data Management

Seric believe that good management of data is a basic service that must be delivered. Organisations should know where their data is, facilitate access, and protect it enabling recovery. Seric has developed a suite of solutions that allow organisations to have a complete view of their data, surface it, protect it, and prove its recovery.


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