It is our belief that secure technology protects profit. Everything we have learned in the last decade has reinforced this. Each passing news cycle demonstrates that it is increasingly true.

If you want to secure your technology, #SericCanHelp



  • Framework Audit & Baseline
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Cyber Maturity Assessment
  • Phishing
  • Cyber Essentials

At Seric we believe in taking appropriate and informed action, an Audit or baseline is essential in understanding where an organisation is, to measure effectiveness of any engagement.


  • Framework Assessment Action Plan
  • Managed Patching
  • Cyber Maturity Strategy
  • On-Line Learning

Once a baseline has been established, Seric formulate an individual, appropriate, and pragmatic sequence of works to maximise impact and return of execution.


  • Regular Penetration Testing
  • Monthly Vulnerability Scanning
  • Monthly Patch Management
  • Annual Framework Audit

Demonstrable, regular, and effective implementation of controls and processes is key to providing a robust and effective service, Seric help organisations by fully managing this and providing transparent reporting.

Seric are a key trusted advisor, helping to identify the right solutions for our IT needs.

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Seric look to baseline and evaluate the current exposure or position of a technology or organisation. This approach allows effective measurement of success on any works carried out.



Seric deploy technologies and processes to reduce identified risks, or re-work technologies to remove exposures, or introduce new capabilities to organisations.



Seric actively manage services to bring specialist knowledge to clients and reduce the burden on client resources.


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