Seric recognise that technologies and security are complex areas, and that not all organisations have the resource and skills to manage these challenges in-house.

Seric look to supplement in-house teams be providing expertise and experience to deliver fully managed services to supplement the internal capabilities of an organisation.

Annual Framework Audit / Certification

  • Seric understand that as an organisation matures and develops, so does it's requirements and aspirations. Seric work annually to perform re-certification or validation of framework standards, future goals, and calibration of strategy to ensure the security approach is harmonised with the organisations goals.

Cyber Crisis Management Exercises

  • Seric offer bespoke cyber orientated crisis management exercises for board to technical teams. Seric facilitate exercises to focus on the response, familiarisation, and priorities of an organisation in the event of a cyber incident to help construct plans and approaches in advance.

  • Seric perform internal and external scanning of an organisations infrastructure hardware and software, to identify known vulnerabilities, categorise these for review while highlighting the known considerations and risks. This monthly service trends vulnerability identification to ensure effective management is in place and exposure in minimised.

Penetration Testing

  • Seric offer regular, cost effective, penetration testing of platforms to help organisations understand and evidence that their controls and technologies are effective in maintaining secure defence.

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