Our Remediation: Making your organisation pragmatically and progressively more secure

Our Remediation is a practical endeavour; with the findings of the assessment stage ranked and addressed to bring the quickest and most cost effective benefit.  100% security is unachievable. Even if it was achievable, cost and resource may well be a prohibitive factor.  By prioritising elements for remediation Seric help our clients to attain a progressively more secure posture in stages.

Seric Remediation steps through Fix, Accept and Budget: FAB.  From “Let’s fix X” to “Let’s budget for Y” to “We can live with Z”, remediation has it’s own pragmatism.  Remediation is of course about People, Process and Technology.  At Seric we don’t believe in technological silver bullets, especially as we find usually technology typically forms around 30% of any solution.

What is Remediation?

Cyber Maturity Strategy

  • Following on from a Seric Cyber Maturity Assessment, a remediation strategy, balancing risk versus cost, is created to allow organisations to 'close the gap' in the short term to mitigate significant risks

Framework Assessment Action & Adoption Plan

  • Following on from a framework baseline and assessment, Seric utilise numerous weighting factors to create a measurable, specific, and actionable programme of works to embed the security framework, and close risks.

GDPR Compliance Implementation

  • Seric assist organisations in obtaining a GDPR ready status by engaging in a gap analysis and remediation exercise.
  • This scoping and assessment exercise involves a compliance and GDPR consult meeting with the organisation walking through our GDPR discovery methodology to produce a gap analysis and then future remediation and implementation steps needed to be GDPR ready.

  • Seric help organisation ‘nail the basics’ by ensuring all security patches covering all systems and platforms, whether internal or external, are identified, risk scored, documented and then submitted for treatment.
  • Seric’s fully managed service takes the pressures off internal teams and allows for external oversight on this key function, including on-going trending and management reporting.

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