Our solutions have been handpicked after rigorous evaluation from industry leaders. Each solution must be fit for purpose, commercially competitive, and technically proven.

Seric maintain a suite of technical solutions, allowing our consultants to evaluate and understand the unique and individual requirements of each organisation and then look to advise on the best fit solution. Seric work hand in hand with these leading vendors to ensure everything from commercials to design, implementation to support strive for excellence and deliver as promised. See below for some of the leading vendors that Seric work with.


Cyber Security is one of the biggest challenges that organisations today face. Seric believe in a risk-based approach for organisation to effectively manage their cyber risk, and the mitigating controls. Below are areas in which Seric excel, helping clients of all sizes, industries, and maturity.



Seric have a long-proven track record in delivering quality infrastructure solutions to clients, from small local solutions, to worldwide 24×7 platforms. As infrastructure solutions develop so do the skills required to implement and manage these effectively. Seric maintain many industry leading infrastructure solutions to ensure the best fit for each client.


Data Management

Seric believe that good management of data is a basic service that must be delivered. Organisations should know where their data is, facilitate access, and protect it enabling recovery. Seric has developed a suit of solutions that allow organisations to have a complete view of their data, surface it, protect it, and prove its recovery.


"The solution not only helped me address technical challenges with platform flexibility, by also resulted in significant cost avoidance."

Michael Moynihan
CISO, The Weir Group Plc

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