Cyber Security is one of the biggest challenges that organisations today face. Seric believe in a risk-based approach for organisations to effectively manage their cyber risk, and the mitigating controls. Below are areas in which Seric excel, helping clients of all sizes, industries, and maturity.

Seric maintain a suite of technical solutions, allowing our consultants to evaluate and understand the unique and individual requirements of each organisation and then look to advise on the best fit solution. Seric work hand in hand with these leading vendors to ensure everything from commercials to design, implementation to support strive for excellence and deliver as promised.

“Until you have experienced something like this, you don’t realise just what can happen, just how serious it can be. I had no intuitive idea on how to move forward.”

Soren Skou
Maersk CEO

Data Loss Prevention

Data is at the core of organisations across the globe, without this asset many organisations would struggle to function. Seric believe in ensuring organisations can function effectively, but critically that data is controlled and secured to protect the organisation, and the individuals it serves.

Endpoint Protection & Management

The importance of protecting the endpoint has never been so key in protecting organisation. Whether from Ransomware prevention, or protecting lost assets. Seric believe that organisation can mitigate the majority of their risks by managing the basics of cyber, and can do so cost effectively.

Web Threats & DDoS

Some organisations cannot have downtime, put simply their customers or citizens would simply not stand for it. Internet based threats to organisation and individuals pose a huge risk and can damage brands and incomes if not mitigated. Seric have partnered with leading technologists to help defend against such attacks and minimised impact and risk.

Security Information Event Management

With the sheer volume and complexity of security platforms and environments humans are not able to manually process and understand the threats impacting their organisations, nor perform investigations into breaches without the use of technology. SIEM platforms are automated solutions that aim to correlate events to identify what are real threats, allowing organisations to react and manage proactively their environments and posture.

Managed Vulnerability as a Service

Vulnerability management for any organisation is a continuous and complex process, made even more complex by the risk exposure of not managing these vulnerabilities effectively and thus exposing the organisation to cyber-attack and losses.

Seric offer our skilled analysts as a service to to lighten the load on internal IT teams and reduce costs, while increasing the effectiveness by having skilled cyber security consultants performing the monitoring, analysis, detailed reporting, and mitigation steps on an on-going basis.

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