At Seric we know that business, and the security business in particular, comes down to the conduct of individuals and that often hard to define quality: Trust.

Trust is hard earned and yet easily lost in an instant. At Seric we understand that trust comes about through practical and consistent advice guided by the long-term interests of the client foremost in mind. At Seric we endeavour to earn the trust of our clients by embodying these qualities.

The ethos of Seric is a major factor in both the clients that choose to partner with Seric and the individuals that choose to work for Seric. The conscious actions we have chosen, the approach we take, and our contributions as corporate citizens are all a reflection of our approach to business. Our areas of charitable focus are centred activities delivering in inclusion, young people and education. Our CSR initiative SmartSTEMs has grown into a charitable entity of its own though it is staffed part-time by Seric Secondees.

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