Our phishing service is an ongoing service allowing you to continually assess your exposure to risk and data loss from the art of phishing.

Phishing is a major threat for organisations, as highlighted in the Cisco Security Report and an anti-phishing strategy and awareness training is now a requirement for most organisations.

Our consultant will work with you to select or design an attack campaign and associated training modules. Once designed, the system will be set up to send fake emails to users and will record which users interact with the rogue messages. Those that interact will be directed to online awareness training to educate them on what to look for and how to avoid future mistakes. Regular reports will also be provided to show the effectiveness of campaigns.

Malware 68%
Phishing 54%
Advanced Persisten Attacks 43%
Denial of Service Attacks 38%
Brute Force Attacks 35%
Zero Day Attacks 35%
None 3%

Phishing Services

Retained Services

£6,000pa +VAT

  • Up to 10,000  email targets
  • Up to 4 campaigns a year

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